Acupuncture is a type of treatment where active points on the body surface are affected using special needles or other tools: electropuncture, trigger point massage, laser, magnets and metal applications. The needle reflex therapy changes local, segmental and general body reaction. Acupuncture has been reported to be especially beneficial for the treatment of nervous system functional disorders, internal diseases, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal tract diseases as well as rheumatism. The acupuncture is one of those powerful tools that strengthens functional capabilities of individual organs and their systems and effectively treats many disorders of a human body. The acupuncture is performed from top to bottom, i.e. first of all the acupuncture is performed on the active points of the head and then on the points of abdomen, back, arms and legs. First of all the acupuncture is performed on main points and later on peripheral points. The needles are removed in reverse order. An irritant technique means quick insertion of the needles, leaving them for 1-5 minutes, or the other puncture – one needle into several points. The needle is left in the tissue for 30-40 minutes. During acupuncture procedure the patient’s general sense of well-being must be taken into account.