Physical therapy – treatment by movement – is one of the major means of rehabilitation.

Physical therapy is applied to patients before and after surgeries, in case of various pains in the arms, legs, back as well as orthopaedic lesions of the spine, facial nerve, respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, after tendon and ligament sprains, various bone fractures, joint injuries, etc. Appropriate movement helps improving and maintaining the functional condition of bone and muscle, cardiovascular and other systems.

Different methods are used, and various equipment and tools are applied in physical therapy: “Gymnic” balls, various weights, exercising equipment, elastic bands, sticks, unstable surfaces, etc.

Objectives of physical therapy: 

  • Maintenance of normal physiological functions;
  • Normalization of damaged functions;
  • Prevention of various complications;
  • Stimulation of regenerative processes in the body.

Individual or group physical therapy is prescribed based on the patient’s diagnosis and complaints.

Procedures of physical therapy:

  • Individual physical therapy in cases of various lesions and diseases;
  • Group physical therapy (in cases of the lower limb lesions, foot and ankle lesions);
  • Poor posture and SSP (spinal stabilization program);
  • Physical therapy in water.

Traction therapy

trakcine terapija

Traction therapy is one of the types of mechanotherapy that helps to retract human body parts (e.g., spinal, neck, or lumbar parts) along the longitudinal axis. Mechanical traction reduces compression of nervous elements and blood vessels, eliminates microcirculation and tissue nutrition disorders, irritation of pain receptors related to it. Pressure in the damaged intervertebral disc is reduced during traction, thus the nerve root is compressed less, metabolism gets more active and favourable conditions for disc hernia to heal are formed.


Traction therapy:

  • Neck traction “Mili-TRAComputer” (traction table);
  • Spinal traction “Mili-TRAComputer” (traction table);
  • Extremity traction “Mili-TRAComputer” (traction table).

Traction therapy helps in cases of:

  • Radiculopathy: lumbar, thoracic, neck part;
  • Bone growths (osteophytes);;
  • Spinal canal narrowing;
  • Spinal curvature (scoliosis);
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Shortening of the muscles;
  • Bechterew’s disease.

Spinal stabilization program

stuburo stabilizavimo programa

An individual spinal stabilization program is a new model for elimination of back pain based on spinal stabilization by using diagnostics device “Stabilizer”. It is a simply operated device enabling to monitor the position of the lower back while doing exercises when the spine is sufficiently protected by the abdominal muscles. Feedback helps to determine whether the exercises are done well and accurately. This ensures the necessary and safe physical load on the spine. This program is particularly important for prevention of back injuries.

These sets of exercises are suitable for various groups of people: adults, children, adolescents at their peak growths; people who have just experienced the first signs of pain as well as the ones who already have an intervertebral disc hernia or neurological lesions.

Physical therapy in water

kineziterapija vandenyje

Physical therapy in water

Physical therapy in water is one of the main procedures of physical therapy. Water, where the exercises are being done, has a specific effect on human body. Physical therapy in water facilitates doing anti-gravitation exercises due to the lift by water and gives bigger potential for joint mobility. Warm water in the pool reduces pain, muscle irritability, and spasticity. Exercises done in water have a positive psychotherapeutic effect as well. Easier and painless movements in water lift the patient’s spirits up and give self-confidence. Spinal or neck traction in water is applied during exercising (if necessary).

These procedures are prescribed:

  • in cases of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, hernia treatment;
  • after injuries (bone fractures, muscle and tendon ruptures, joint dislocations, etc.);
  • for treatment of joint pains, inflammations;
  • for treatment of neurological and cardiac diseases;
  • in cases of respiratory diseases;
  • in cases of severe mental or physical work;
  • in cases of obesity.

Use of Schumann 3D Platte during physical therapy

sumano plokstesSchumann 3D Platte is a biodynamic energy system simulating natural movement processes without the effect of any irritants or chemicals. This platform emits carefully arranged three-dimensional rhythmic balancing impulses corresponding to the vibration frequencies present between the surface of the ground and ionosphere layers affecting our body both physically and psychologically. This Platte helps to gently restore, balance, and return to the normal rhythm the entire human body bone system and the organism by means of vibration turning right.

Therapeutic effect: improves the general and local mobility, endurance, muscle coordination; increases muscle strength and performance; stabilizes the spine and the entire bone system; accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, improves internal cell metabolism and stimulates all functions of the body; reduces pain, physical and psychological stress, connective tissue lesions; activates production of synovial fluid and cartilage growth; improves balance, digestive system activity; stimulates natural and peaceful sleep; restores the natural rhythm of the body.