Physiotherapy (in Greek physis – nature, therapeia – treatment) involves the use of natural physical agents (fresh and mineral water, mud, light, etc.) and artificial physical agents (ultrasound, electromagnetic field, laser thermotherapy, cryotherapy, etc.) for treatment. Physical agents help to improve tissue nutrition and blood circulation, reduce inflammation, improve muscle tone, weaken spasms, and most importantly – relieve pain. This method is an important part of a complex therapy and medical rehabilitation which enhances the therapeutic effect, helps to prevent complications, allows to regain work capacity more quickly and improves the quality of life.

Our Rehabilitation Centre offers the following methods and procedures of physiotherapy:

Electrotherapy and magnetic therapy

Electrotherapy and magnetic therapy (treatment combines the use of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields):

darsonvalizacijaDarsonvalization is a method of treatment using high-frequency and high voltage alternating impulse current. This method is prescribed for the treatment of peripheral nervous system diseases, in cases of prevalence of circulatory disorders and pain syndrome, vascular abnormalities (Raynaud's disease, migraine, etc.), irregularities in skin integrity, trophic ulcers, ear, nose and throat diseases and dental diseases. Therapeutic effect:  reduces pain, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system.



Magnetic therapy involves application of static or alternating low-frequency magnetic fields on human body. The therapy is prescribed for the treatment of musculoskeletal system disorders, demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system, altered skin integrity, allergic skin diseases, cerebrovascular disorders (after strokes, injuries), in patients with coronary heart disease, Stage I and II hypertension, bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia, rhinitis, osteochondrosis, and osteoarthritis. Therapeutic effect: vasodilatory, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic and sedative effects, it reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure, strengthens immunity, and reduces allergy phenomena.

mikrobangu terapjia

Microwave therapy is the treatment that involves the use of microwave magnetic field. The therapy is prescribed for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases (arthrosis or contractures of knee, hip, ankle or other joints, rheumatoid arthritis), ear, nose, and throat diseases (sinusitis, ear inflammation, chronic non-infectious rhinitis, etc.), nervous system diseases (radiculopathy, etc.). Therapeutic effect: reduces inflammation (improves microcirculation and metabolism), reduces allergies (affects lymphoid tissue, suppresses autoantibody synthesis, increases glucocorticoid activity), weakens vascular spasms (improves blood circulation), improves tissue regeneration (stimulates the formation of collagen, scarring), sedative and analgesic effect, promotes healing, reduces muscle spasms as well as facilitates the movements that occur at joints.

tens terapija

TENS therapy is applied for symptomatic and chronic pain relief and muscle stimulation. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the treatment using short duration unipolar or bipolar pulsed electrical current. It is used for the treatment of acute and subacute pain syndrome related to peripheral nerve injuries, vertebrogenic pain, having experienced sports-related injuries (muscle strain, bruise, and contusion).

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is used for recovery and/or strengthening of body’s tissue and/organ functions by using pulsed electrical current. It is used for many conditions: hypokinesia, muscle tone weakness, circulatory activation, to facilitate recovery of bowel movements during the postoperative period. Therapeutic effect: increases muscle strength, tone, endurance, promotes peripheral blood circulation and muscle metabolic processes.


Phototherapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light or electromagnetic radiation for treatment.

sviesos terapija

Light therapy (using BIOTRON apparatus) stimulates light-sensitive intracellular structures, modulates reparative and regenerative processes as well as the processes of the human defence-system, relieves pain, promotes resorption of non-infectious inflammatory infiltrates, reduces tissue edema and helps to relax muscles. The procedure is prescribed for the treatment of various conditions and diseases: in cases of altered skin integrity, respiratory diseases (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc.), peripheral nervous system diseases (radiculopathy, etc.), musculoskeletal system diseases, etc.


lazerio terapija

Laser therapy – the use of laser in physiotherapy is based on the effect of complex infrared laser irradiation, the red optical laser irradiation, irradiation, magnetic field and baromassage. This therapy is prescribed for the treatment of peripheral nervous system diseases, altered skin integrity, the respiratory system and musculoskeletal system diseases and injuries, ear, nose, and throat diseases, etc. The application of laser therapy helps to reduce inflammation and pain, promotes nerve fibre regeneration processes, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, promotes bone and wound healing as well as muscle tissue plasticity.

Mechanical vibration therapy

Mechanical vibration therapy (mechanical vibration involves atmospheric pressure and airflow movement, ultrasound, vibration, compression and stretching):

ultragarsasUltrasound is the treatment using high-frequency mechanical vibrations. It is applied for treatment of inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases, the problems resulting from trauma and musculoskeletal system disorders, respiratory, gastrointestinal and eye diseases. The ultrasound may help the pharmaceuticals to penetrate deep into the body. Therapeutic effect: reduces chronic and sub-chronic inflammation, increases the elasticity of connective tissue, stimulates tissue metabolic processes.


aerozoliu terapija

Aerosol therapy (inhalations) is widely used for treatment of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The aim of the aerosol therapy is to deliver the therapeutic aerosol doses of medications into the airways in a short period of time. It moistens the airways, facilitates secretion, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, and is used for treatment of respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.). Our Centre also provides oxygen inhalation therapy services. They are recommended for such conditions as chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness, sleep disorder, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma, etc.).

Compression therapy (lymphatic drainage) is a procedure performed using a special device for improvement of lymphatic drainage and venous circulation. Therapeutic effect: improves lymphatic circulation, dilates blood vessels, removes accumulated fluid in the tissues, stimulates cell metabolism and intensifies pain-reducing effects. It is prescribed for the treatment of primary and secondary lymphoedema, chronic venous insufficiency caused by venous and lymphatic edema, postoperative edema, for improvement of blood flow, treatment of varicose veins (dilated leg veins) as well as deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis.


spalvu terapija

The Dead Sea climate and colour therapy. The climate of the Dead Sea inside a room is generated by using a special device that sprays exceptionally fine mist of solution made of the top-quality salt form the Dead Sea or the Himalayas through ultrasonic nebulisers and fills the room with negative ions and oxygen. Negative ions accelerate oxygen intake from the lungs into the bloodstream, meanwhile, thanks to the Dead Sea climate system, oxygen is absorbed through skin as well. This accelerates transfer of oxygen into the cells and optimizes the use of oxygen for all the essential functions of the body. The device of the Dead Sea climate increases concentration of oxygen in the room up to 30 percent. This procedure is used for prophylactic purposes as well as for treatment of the respiratory tract (asthma, bronchitis, sinus diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), skin (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne), cardiovascular disorders. It has a positive impact on the nervous system (in case of nervous stress, fatigue, concentration disorders, reduced working capacity, depression), enhances the immune system.

The Dead Sea climate therapy is applied in combination with colour therapy. Different colours have a different impact on the psychoemotional processes, whereas exogenous heat affects metabolic processes. 

haloterapijaIndividual halotherapy with salt capsule “Saltarium”. Halotherapy is a form of non-pharmaceutical treatment based on establishment of artificial microclimate typical to salt mines with constant temperature and humidity. Dry salt (NaCl) aerosol is blown into salt capsule “Saltarium” through special openings. Salt particles are so small that they reach not only the upper but the lower respiratory tract as well and cover the surface of the skin. Therapeutic effect: anti-inflammatory, relaxing the bronchi, thinning mucous, reducing inflammation, preventing infections in the respiratory tract. Being in such an environment has a positive impact on the way how a person feels in general. The treatment stimulates positive changes in the immune system, enhances the immunity in fighting bacterial and viral infections.

smugio bangaShock wave therapy – shock waves applicable for medical purposes are sound waves that transmit high energy to a sore point and stimulate healing, regeneration, and remedial processes. Prescribed for treatment of the following conditions: Achilles tendon tendinitis, patellar tendinitis, hucklebone growth, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, etc. Therapeutic effect: reduces pain, reduces tissue tension, improves blood circulation in tissues and tissue nutrition.

Thermotherapy and cryotherapy

Thermotherapy mechanism of action is determined by a heat exchange process, when hotter bodies give heat to less hot bodies; cryotherapy is the whole of low temperature application methods, which is physiologically adequate to the body, used to reduce the temperature of a certain tissue, organ and the whole body.

salcio terapija

Cold and heat therapy (“Thermopress” machine). Individual areas of the body may be warmed up (25–40º C) or cooled down (0–15º C) within a temperature range from 0º C to 40º C during the procedure by using special splints with fluid circulation system. Cold applications are prescribed after acute musculoskeletal injuries (bruises, swellings, tendon, and ligament sprains), heat applications are prescribed in case of haematomas (bruising), contractures, muscle spasms.


kompresine terapijaVacuum-compression therapy by using Extremiter 2010 device. The basic principle of it is the interchange of negative and positive pressure phases in a special cylinder where the limb subject to treatment – the arm or the leg – is hermetically “closed”. This method causes obvious improvement of metabolism and capillary blood flow in the limb being treated and adjacent areas of the body. Vacuum-compression therapy has a positive impact on the body in case of the following health disorders: peripheral vascular disorders (arteriosclerosis in the lower limbs, Raynaud’s disease, etc.); topical blood circulation disorders in the limbs (post-traumatic wounds, ulcers, bed sores, etc.); peripheral diabetic complications (diabetic foot, diabetic polyneuropathy, diabetic claudication, etc.); musculoskeletal system disorders (arthrosis, bursitis, scars left by injuries, surgeries, epicondylitis, tendinitis, tendovaginitis, etc.); spinal pain syndromes with pain radiation to the upper or the lower limb; oedemas (swellings) on the limbs; post-traumatic and postoperative blood circulation disorders in the limbs.