klasikinis masazasClassical massage is the oldest art of health hygiene and healing with several millennia-long history. It is one of the most common types of massage. Classical massage is used for treatment of various diseases, restoration, and normalization of impaired body functions. Massage improves the trophic processes in the skin, stimulates metabolism, intensifies gas exchange in organs and tissues, improves blood and lymph circulation, muscle elasticity, increases their ability to contract and relax faster, increases their ability to work. As a result of this massage scars become softer, tissue accretion sites disappear, and the nutrition of the joint capsules is enhanced.

blauzdu ir pedu masazasCalf and foot massage is done using Legs Beautician device. It is a unique device designed to massage feet and calves all at the same time. The special platform is equipped with small wheels that allow massaging the acupressure points of the sole. Compressive calf massage is performed simultaneously with foot massage. There are lots of biologically active points in the soles of the feet, stimulation of which can prevent many diseases. In addition, massage reduces tension in the legs after a hard day’s work, significantly increases the tone. Massage can also be used to prevent and treat many diseases.


apykakles srities masazas

Neck area massage is done using Maxiwell 3 device. It is a massage pillow consisting of massage heads made of nephrite stones. The infrared rays they emit have a thermal effect and thus increase the therapeutic effect. The massage pillow allows you to relax after work, provides invaluable assistance after various injuries.



Shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, and hand massage is done using Neck Massager device. Tension in the neck muscles causes pressure and pain that can spread to shoulders and arms. A common cause of this is prolonged periods of sitting (for example, in an office near a computer or in a car) or sitting in the wrong position. Restricted head-neck and (or) spine movements can also often result from immobility. Repetitive tension and chronic pain can occur when muscles get tired and additional tension in the cervical vertebrae and discs develops. Massage helps to relax tense muscles and reduces pain.


Vibration massage is done using Andullation Therapy System device. It is a method of massage where vibrations are introduced into the tissues of the human body. The device is used to treat muscles and joints, to improve fluid circulation in tissues, to restore the overall functional condition of the body. The device simultaneously performs vibration massage and heat therapy with infrared rays. Therapeutic effect: reduces pain, improves lymphatic circulation, stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, improves oxygen supply, stimulates the elimination of toxins, metabolic products, relieves nervous tension. 



Lymphatic drainage massage is a procedure done using a special device to improve lymph and venous circulation. Therapeutic effect: improves lymph circulation, dilates blood vessels, removes fluid accumulated in tissues, stimulates body and cell metabolism, strengthens the analgesic effect. It is used for primary and secondary lymphedema, venous edema and lymphedema caused by varicose veins, postoperative edema, improvement of blood circulation, varicose veins (dilated leg veins), thrombosis prevention.



Arm and leg water massage is done using Aquaroll Pro device. The principle of operation of this device is based on four factors: water, proper water temperature, constant pressure caused by glass beads rotating at a certain speed, simultaneous activity of glass bead pressure and water massage (hydromassage). The constant movement and pressure of the glass beads and water acts as a pressure therapy on the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Therapeutic effect: provides great performance for well-being; lymphatic drainage eliminates the sense of heaviness, swelling; refreshes and drains swollen legs, ankles, hands, or wrists; improves the appearance of the skin of the hands or legs; reduces joint pain; accelerates the healing of scars and wounds; activates blood microcirculation and lymph flow.


OCEAN massage mattress gives a cyclic, wavy massage, starting in the cervical vertebrae and ending in the feet. The direction of the movements is from top to bottom with gentle pressing, stretching and rotating modes.




Axiom turbo

Axiom turbo is a four rubber-roller massage mechanism for the back and neck; three automatic modes of massage with adjustable levels of intensity; height adjustment of rollers for neck massage; air-compression massage for back, torso, buttocks in three different intensity levels; back exposure to heat; buttocks vibration massage.





Beurer FM 60

Beurer FM 60 is a unique massage device that can be used to massage the feet according to an ancient Shiatsu massage technique. The special platform 18-head rotary vibrating mechanism allows you to massage the acupuncture points of the soles and relax the foot. The heads in the device correspond to the deep acupressure applied in the Shiatsu massage. In addition, it is effective for stimulating circulation, cell regeneration and muscle tendon relaxation. This massage is especially recommended for people who are engaged in intellectual activities. It is a simple and effective means to restore the body.





Dry hydromassage using Wellsystem Medical & Medical plus device. The Wellsystem Medical & Medical plus relaxation system is designed to use water, light, air, colours, odours and sounds in a minimal space. During this massage, the whole body or its individual parts are massaged by rubbing, stroking, and kneading the muscles. The procedure is performed through clothing while the patient is lying on his/her back.




  • back, neck, chest pain, migraine, joint pain;
  • muscle tension, stress-induced muscle tension, muscle fatigue, muscle imbalance, fibromyalgia (mild forms);
  • fatigue, dysfunction of the spine, sciatica.

Therapeutic effect: improved blood circulation and metabolism, venous blood and lymph circulation, decreased muscle tension, reduced pain, weight loss (decreased subcutaneous adipose tissue), positive effect on the autonomic nervous system (positive effect on internal organs), deep muscle relaxation, normal muscle tone.