Hydrotherapy is the use of fresh water in various temperatures for treatment, health promotion and disease prevention. The effect of fresh water is determined by temperature and mechanical components.

Water produces effect based on its temperature as well as when acting mechanically. The mechanical effect of water is determined by the movement of the water mass, hydrostatic pressure, and the state of weightlessness of the person.

The human body perceives the temperature in water as:

  • cold – less than 20 ° C;
  • cool – from 20 to 33 ° C;
  • thermally neutral – from 34 to 37 ° C;
  • warm – from 38 to 39 ° C;
  • hot – more than 40 ° C.

Cold water constricts the blood vessels of the skin within 1 to 2 seconds (first phase), then they dilate, and the skin turns red, becoming warm (second phase); with prolonged exposure to cold, the reaction progresses to the third phase when passive hyperaemia develops.

The effects of hot water also have 3 phases: the first is a short vascular spasm that progresses to active hyperaemia (second phase), and if the effect lasts, passive hyperaemia develops (third phase).

Cold water effect: irritates various systems of the body, but initially inhibits the respiratory centre, followed by deeper breathing which afterwards becomes more frequent. Cold water accelerates heat production, leading to pronounced metabolic processes in the body.

Warm water effect: reduces muscle tone, inhibits intestinal peristalsis and psycho-emotional irritability, accelerates sweating and the excretion of metabolic breakdown products with sweat.

Indications for water procedures:

  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system: subacute or chronic period after soft tissue injuries, muscle contractures, muscle spasms, joint diseases, after bone fractures, muscle weakness due to atrophy or innervation disorders, etc.;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • burns with persistent sensation to heat, bedsores;
  • skin diseases;
  • diseases of the nervous system (inflammation of the nerve roots, postoperative trauma of peripheral nerves, neuritis), residual phenomena after stroke, nervous tension, anxiety;
  • obesity, cellulite;
  • general weakness, fatigue.

Therapeutic Baths

Therapeutic bath is a water treatment when the body (except for the head, neck, and upper chest) is completely or partially immersed in water.

Pearl bath is a treatment with water, the gaseous component of which – air – is distributed in the water in bubbles of various sizes and moves in different directions, irritating the sensory and temperature receptors of the skin, therefore neuro-reflexively causes calming effects. The skin is affected by the contrast temperature (due to the different thermal conductivity and receptivity of water gas).

Aromatic Baths

pusisPearl bath with pine extract. Pine extract is produced from pine needles and buds by distillation, concentrated in vacuo. It contains biologically active substances, essential oil, resin, flavonoids, vitamins C, K, bitter, tannins, phytoncides, carotene, alkaloids, tocopherol, microelements. It is prescribed for skin, joints, cardiovascular diseases, and pain, for runny nose or general colds, for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, etc.


berzasPearl bath with birch leaf and bud extract. The substances in this extract kill fungi, bacteria, promote urine output, sweating. Suitable for the treatment of painful joints, long-healing wounds. It has a healing effect for skin diseases. This type of bath also dilates blood vessels, stimulates metabolism and secretion, reduces blood clotting, facilitates expectoration, has tonic effect.



sakaiPearl bath with turpentine. Turpentine is obtained from the resins of coniferous trees. Turpentine baths activate the activity of all capillaries, restore a complete nutrition of organs with elements that are vital for cells and tissues. Turpentine baths raise body temperature, speed up metabolism, lower blood pressure, relax tense muscles, ligaments, improve blood circulation.




Pearl bath with birch and pine extract and lemon balm essential oil. Lemon balm essential oil is made from the leaves of medicinal herb, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.), by the water distillation method.

Lemon balm essential oil treats tachycardia, hypertension; eliminates menopausal problems and premenstrual tension, menstrual disorders; states of anxiety, anger, depression, panic, and shock; reduces headache, dizziness, migraine, melancholy, insomnia, nervous tension. Pine extract is used for skin, joint, cardiovascular diseases and pain, runny nose or general colds, central and peripheral nervous system diseases. The substances contained in this extract kill fungi, bacteria, promote the excretion of urine, sweating. They are also suitable for the treatment of painful joints, long-healing wounds, have healing effect for skin diseases.

Dry Gas Baths

angliarugsteThe therapeutic effect of CO2 (carbon dioxide) occurs when there are 0.75 to 1.4 grams of dissolved gas per litre of water, which affects the whole body through the skin, blood flow and respiratory tract. Carbonated baths improve microcirculation (skin gets red and the patient feels warmth), lower arterial blood pressure, strengthen the force of contraction of the heart muscle, increase the ability of the cardiovascular system to adapt to the load, strengthen the whole body.



Therapeutic bath with ozone. The natural element ozone (O3) is the strongest known natural antibiotic, killing more than 200 species of harmful microorganisms without causing any unwanted side effects.

Therapeutic effects: saturates cells, tissues, organs with oxygen, improves blood circulation, kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, their spores, energizes and renews cells (accelerates all metabolic processes), improves heart and brain (most oxygen-consuming organs), stimulates production of biologically active substances.

Mineral Baths


Pearl bath with bischofite. Poltava bischofite is a unique natural mineral complex that contains vital elements such as chlorine-magnesium-sodium compound with iodine, bromine, iron, and others. Bischofite contains as many as 65 elements of the periodic table. The main element of bischofite is magnesium. This element is vital for our bones and muscles, heart, and nervous system.

Magnesium and potassium protect the cardiovascular system, improve cerebral circulation, prevent neuroses, stress, normalize sleep and activate metabolic processes. Calcium helps to form bone tissue; bromine normalizes excitation processes in the cerebral cortex; iodine normalizes the thyroid gland activities, and helps to lower blood cholesterol, thus protecting against atherosclerosis; trace elements – iron, zinc, copper, selenium – boost the body’s innate protective immune system.

Whirlpool Baths for Hands and Feet

sukurine voneleDue to the changes in temperature, blood vessels dilate, water flow massages and relaxes the tissues, improving the supply of nutrients to the tissues, and promotes healing processes. These types of baths are especially suitable for the treatment of post-traumatic disorders, contractures, joint and muscle injuries, circulatory disorders in the extremities.




Underwater Massage

povandeninis masazasIt is a water treatment combining elements of general bath and Charcot shower techniques. During this procedure, the patient lies in water where the body is exposed to a stream of pressurized water in various directions. Underwater massage, compared to hand massage, has a deeper and stronger effect on the body. Active hyperaemia, prolonged oxygen supply to the subcutaneous tissues, and improved gas and overall metabolism are maintained in the water for longer periods of time.



Infrared (IRS) Sauna

irs pirtis

The heat emitted by an infrared sauna does not heat the surrounding air but is transmitted directly to the human body (40-65° C). Due to its mild effect, IRS saunas are perfect for children and the elderly. In an IRS sauna, the human body temperature temporarily rises to 38° C, reducing the activity of disease-causing microbes in the process. This cleanses the body of accumulated toxins. The heated salt spreads in the air. The sauna creates a sterile environment containing a lot of useful microelements for humans.

Therapeutic effect: calms the nervous system, improves sleep quality, reduces the effects of stress on the body, lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol, stimulates blood circulation, especially in peripheral areas and capillaries, eliminates arthritic pain, radiculitis, increases the body’s resistance to infections, inhibits viral replication.

Regular sessions not only protect against colds, but also help treat these ailments as soon as they start. Sweating removes toxins from the body, reduces the load on the kidneys, reduces swelling of the legs, and burns from 900 to 2,400 calories per session.

Steam (Turkish) Sauna

turkiska pirtis

Steam sauna is characterized by a high level of humidity. The microclimate of this type of sauna is perfect for those who find it difficult to endure a hot sauna. The vapor warms the body and, without burning the skin, causes heavy perspiration. Gradual warming of the body improves metabolism.

During the session, the steam (Turkish) sauna room is constantly sprayed with steam from special jets to the sauna room. The vapor is sprayed along with the saline solution and odours.

Therapeutic effect. Visiting the steam bath (Turkish) is recommended for patients with various respiratory diseases, joint pain, it helps with sleep problems or metabolic disorders, helps to lose weight, improves blood circulation. Regular sessions of this type of sauna perfectly help to fight cellulite and are a great skin care product helping cleanse the skin, making it firm and soft. Compared in therapeutic effect, a steam (Turkish) sauna exceeds a Finnish sauna. This sauna is perfect for many people for strengthening their health.

Other Water Treatments

cirkuliacinis dusasThe circular spray shower is a system of vertical pipes with holes, installed in a special cabin. Fresh water flowing through the holes massages the entire human body with horizontal elongated jets of water. Heat soothes the body, reduces the activity of internal organs. Peripheral skin receptors are actively stimulated when exposed to pressure exerted by the water surface. The procedure improves metabolism, activates the digestive system, regulates blood flow, and reduces sensitivity to pain.


kontrastinis takelisThe contrast water therapy track perfectly boosts immunity, strengthens the whole body. As water temperature changes, blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to organs and tissues improve. This procedure is used for mild circulatory disorders of the legs due to various diseases, for cold and sweating feet, hypotension, functional disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, insomnia, obesity, chronic joint inflammations, treatment of trauma, prevention of diseases and strengthening of the body.


apsipylimasCold shower bucket. The mechanism of this method is determined by the stimulation of whole-body skin mechanoreceptors with cold water. During the procedure, cold water is poured over the body from the bucket above the head (shower principle). Cold water pouring is a great way to strengthen the body. It is also recommended to freshen up during sauna sessions.