CO2 bath


Device PhysioTRONIC – dry external CO2 gas baths (hermetic bags filled with gas for the body and the limbs) designed for treatment. As a result of CO2 use the skin is stimulated by gas bubbles. CO2 penetrates the skin and increases the quantity of oxygen absorbed by blood and cells. The procedure can be performed on the entire body or just the limbs.

The CO2 gas used during the procedure is released to a plastic bag. The effect depends on the skin absorption potential – it absorbs carbon dioxide 100 times better than water. It has been clinically proven that blood circulation in the skin improves, the oxygen partial pressure increases, blood pressure turns to normal because of CO2 use. Positive impact on skin affected by cellulite – it has been explained that CO2 is a fat dissolving gas.

Water procedures

vandens proceduros

Hydrotherapy is the use of different temperature fresh water for treatment, health promotion, and disease prevention. The effect of fresh water is determined by such components as the temperature and mechanical effect. Warm water reduces muscle tone, psycho-emotional irritability, stimulates intestinal peristalsis and stimulates sweating and excretion of metabolic products in sweat.



Hydrotherapy procedures are recommended in case of:

  • Functional disorders of the nervous system (neurosis, migraine, insomnia);
  • Various skin diseases;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Obesity, cellulite;
  • Residual post-trauma effects, contractures;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Spine, leg, feet deformations;
  • Chronic diseases of various systems;
  • Residual effects after a stroke, inflammatory nerve damage, etc.

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